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This website is the Australian Government’s Modern Slavery Statements Register. It is administered by the Attorney-General’s Department (AGD) and houses modern slavery statements provided by entities reporting under the Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018 (the Act).

This page provides information about modern slavery and the Act. You can access further information and detailed guidance material using the ‘Resources’ button at the top of the screen. You can also contact the AGD using the ‘Help and Feedback’ button at the top of the screen.

Modern slavery describes situations where offenders use coercion, threats or deception to exploit victims and undermine their freedom.

Practices that constitute modern slavery can include:

  • human trafficking
  • slavery
  • servitude
  • forced labour
  • debt bondage
  • forced marriage, and
  • the worst forms of child labour

Modern slavery is a term used to describe serious exploitation. It does not include practices like substandard working conditions or underpayment of workers, although these practices are also harmful and may be present in some situations of modern slavery. For further information on workplace rights and obligations in Australia, please visit the Australian Government Fair Work Ombudsman website.

Modern slavery can occur in every industry and sector and has severe consequences for victims. Modern slavery also distorts global markets, undercuts responsible business and can pose significant legal and reputational risks to entities. Entities have a responsibility to respect human rights in their operations and supply chains, as outlined in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. This includes taking steps to assess and address modern slavery risks.

Taking action to combat modern slavery also makes good business sense. Entities that take action to combat modern slavery in their operations and supply chains can protect against possible business harm and improve the integrity and quality of their supply chains. They can also increase profitability, investor confidence and access to financing opportunities.

The Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018 (the Act) entered into force on 1 January 2019. The Act established a national Modern Slavery Reporting Requirement (Reporting Requirement) for large businesses and other entities in the Australian market with annual consolidated revenue of at least AUD$100 million.

The Reporting Requirement supports the Australian business community to identify and address their modern slavery risks, and maintain responsible and transparent supply chains. Entities required to comply with the Reporting Requirement must prepare annual modern slavery statements (statements). These statements must set out the reporting entity’s actions to assess and address modern slavery risks in their global operations and supply chains. The Australian Government publishes these statements through the Register. The Act also requires the Australian Government to publish an annual modern slavery statement covering Commonwealth procurement and investment activities. This initiative highlights the Australian Government’s commitment to lead by example in the fight against modern slavery and will help to mitigate modern slavery risks in public procurement and investments.