The publication of modern slavery statements (statements) on this Register does not indicate compliance with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (the Act). Pursuant to section 19(2) of the Act, the Australian Border Force publishes all statements properly submitted to this Register, including compliant and non-compliant statements, in order to maximise transparency and ensure entities are publicly accountable for their actions to address modern slavery risks.

ARA Group 2020-2021
2020-2021 Australian Financial Year
Annual revenue
Industry sectors
Waste management and recycling
Construction, civil engineering and building products
Cleaning and security services
Key brands and business names
Allen & Newton Pty Ltd, Allen & Newton Queensland Pty Ltd, ARA Building Services Pty Limited, ARA Building Services (Qld) Pty Ltd, ARA Building Services (NSW) Pty Ltd, ARA Corporate Services Pty Limited, ARA Electrical Engineering Services Pty Limited, ARA Electrical High Voltage Services Pty Limited, ARA Electrical Major Projects Division Pty Ltd, ARA Fire Protection Services Pty Limited, ARA Indigenous Services Pty Limited, ARA Manufacture Pty Ltd, ARA Mechanical Services Pty Limited, ARA Property Services Pty Ltd the trustee for the CMC Unit Trust, ARA Security Services Pty Limited, Asset Fire Security & Mechanical Services Pty Limited, Australasian Vaulting Industries Pty Ltd, CMC Cleaning Services Pty Ltd, CMC ECRM Pty Ltd, CMC Maintenance Pty Ltd, CMC Property Services (Aust) Pty Ltd, CMC Rapid Response Pty Ltd, Complex Solutions (Aust) Pty Ltd, Crimewatch Video Pty Ltd, Construction Electrical Services Pty Ltd, Dynamic Facilities Maintenance Group Pty Limited, Environmental Automation Pty Limited, Excell Control Pty Limited, HUD Electronic Security Pty Ltd, HUD Security Pty Limited, Hunter Power Pty Limited, ID Supplies Pty Limited, International Security Control Solutions Pty Limited, JBM Power Pty Ltd, Leda Export Pty Ltd, Leda Group (Australia) Pty Ltd, Leda International Pty Ltd, Leda Security Exports Pty Ltd, Leda Security Products Pty Ltd, Leda Trading Pty Limited, Monarch Group Pty Limited, National Constructions Pty Limited, Parking Guidance Australia Pty Limited, Sherry Service & Maintenance Pty Ltd, Servcore Pty Limited, TALV Pty Limited, Thermoscan Inspections Services Pty Limited, Transelect Pty Limited, Web ID Pty Limited, Wiltrading Stace Pty Limited
Date submitted